Healing  Within


Your body has an intelligent design!

Healing Within offers a mutli-dimensional approach for healing by tapping into the body’s innate wisdom & supporting its rejuvenating forces from various angles :

Altar of Creation manual healing:

Energy based hands-on problem-solving modality addressing the root of chronic and acute problems/injuries.

Quantum Reflex Analyses (QRA):

Elegance & precision: customized nutritional support - external & internal detoxification - advanced healing through cellular resonance.


Breathing restores health and wholeness by gently re-awakening the connection to the wisdom and source of Health within.

For further information on hands-on healing, breathwork and QRA, explore this website. For questions or to make an appointment, please email or call:


646. 279.7779

I currently schedule appointments at both my offices in Manhattan (south of Penn Station) and Bloomfield, NJ.

“Here in the body are the sacred rivers; here are the sun and the moon, as well as the pilgrimage places. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.” (Saraha Doha)